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Tonic Skin Bar Holistic Skin Care

Our founder, Andrea, began her love affair with lotions and potions as a small child rummaging through her Grandmother's medicine cabinet.  Even at that young age, she was mesmerized by the textures and aromas housed in the beautiful glass bottles.  With her inner alchemist piqued, she experimented with homemade skin care creations and remedies throughout her teen years, often becoming a source of skin care advice for friends & family.


Fast forward to her teen years, when the gift of a spa day at California's iconic Sonoma Mission Inn & Spa gave Andrea her first taste of the luxury spa world.  That incredible experience - from the exquisite facial to the soul soothing massage - planted the seed for what would become a lifelong passion for self-care. 


Now, after nearly 20 years working as an Esthetician and Skin Care Educator with some of the top spas and skin care brands in the country, Andrea has poured her heart into creating a unique destination close to home, integrating traditional healing rituals with modern skin care innovations in an authentic and accessible way.

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