Every Tonic Skin Bar Ritual begins with an in-depth conversation about your skin care goals and a review of the influences that may be preventing you from reaching those goals.  Factors such as environmental exposure, stress, diet, or improper product usage can leave skin dehydrated, irritated, looking dull or showing signs of aging. 


With the intent of bringing skin back into balance and promoting a healthy, vibrant appearance, we combine proven botanical ingredients such as organic seed oils, probiotics and plant extracts with clean actives like plant stem cells, AHAs/BHAs and peptides to provide long-lasting, transformative results. 


All Rituals will be finished with comprehensive home care recommendations to include skin care products, herbal remedies and/or suggested lifestyle tweaks. We see your journey to healthy skin as a partnership because, while we can definitely work wonders in the treatment room, the real magic happens in between your facial appointments.


Ritual pricing is all-inclusive and it is our policy to respectfully decline gratuities.


75 min | $150

Our signature facial, this holistic treatment includes a lymphatic drainage cleansing, deeply relaxing facial massage and acupressure, and a specialty mask upgrade along with targeted botanical concentrates to promote healthy, radiant skin. 


Recommended for:  All skin types, especially dehydrated, sensitized or devitalized.


60 min | $125        75 min | $150

Our most corrective facial addresses imbalances such as lines & wrinkles, uneven skin tone or breakouts. Includes a resurfacing peel with Enzymes or AHAs/BHAs to renew skin texture and tone; no downtime. 75 min treatment allows for extended facial massage as well as a hand & scalp massage.


Recommended for: Those with visible skin concerns looking for the most immediate, dramatic results.


60 min | $115        75 min | $140

Shave irritation and environmental exposure can wreak havoc on men's skin so this treatment helps replenish and protect.  Includes an eyebrow trim, if requested.  75 min treatment allows for extended facial massage as well as a hand & scalp massage.


Recommended for:  Guys who understand that facials aren't just for the ladies.


30 min | $75

An express facial to hydrate and protect all skin types.  Cleansing, exfoliation, mask and moisturizer only; no extractions or facial massage.


Recommended for:  Those short on time looking for a quick refresher in between regular appointments.


90 min | $175

Our most luxurious facial, this extended treatment is like a complete mind/body reset. Customized products, a specialty mask upgrade and advanced techniques ensure your skin gets exactly what it's craving while a face, hand and scalp massage will send you straight to la-la land.


Recommended for:  All skin types, especially those looking for maximum relaxation during their facial.


60 min | $115

Just because it's covered by hair doesn't mean you should neglect the skin under your beard. Customized products and a high frequency treatment combat hidden irritation, breakouts or ingrown hairs. This deep cleansing and conditioning facial keeps both your skin and beard looking top notch.


Recommended for:  Beards of any length.


45 min | $95

A deep cleansing and balancing facial paired with discussion about proper product use at home to help set the foundation for a lifetime of healthy skin.


Recommended for:  Teens & Tweens needing guidance with their changing skin needs.

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